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Entrepreneurship has always been a route he chose from the day Joshua was born. Joshua’s father is an entrepreneur even from the start of his father’s career. Following his footsteps, but aiming higher nonetheless, Joshua started to find himself involved in Entrepreneurship even from Elementary School. He made pocket money by selling pens and pencils to his friends. Then again, in high school, he started this brand called Simple™ on Kaskus – now and then the biggest forum in Indonesia – selling t-shirts, polo shirts and jackets using a pre-order system. Joshua didn’t need any warehouse because he didn’t need to store my inventory. He made profits without even needing a capital.

Graduated from high school, then Joshua entered the best undergraduate IT/IS program in Indonesia at Bina Nusantara University. He then fell in love with Twitter and started following Indonesia tech entrepreneurs, joined #StartupLokal as Apprentice and not too far off, joined Tech in Asia and East Ventures. They said money will follow great work and passion, it is safe to say Joshua is one of the example.

Joshua Kevin is passionate about tech startups, entrepreneurship and traveling the world. Currently the 22 years old is actively involved in Indonesia startup scene as a founder of Bridge Inc – bridging humans through technology products. He used to work as community manager and writer for Tech in Asia and also helped KakaoTalk expand to Indonesia which resulted more than 10 million downloads. In pursuing his passion in Entrepreneurship, Joshua hopes to see more and more start-ups, not only the presence but also the success story.

You can contact him through TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and if it’s urgent you can e-mail him to hello[at]joshuakev[dot]in

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