Resolutions? Let’s evaluate!


We’re near the end of January, and how do you think the first month of the year went? Great? So-so? or ‘let’s just move to the next month right now!’? For me it went fast! So fast that i could not keep up with the pace of everything’s going on.

Most of my resolutions didn’t even going so good, for example i’ve made a resolution to be a regular attendee of the Sunday service at my church. Yet i have missed once, twice if you count the new year’s day service.

My blog(this one) haven’t been updated as regularly as i want either, it takes time to make a writing and sometimes i don’t have or perhaps, i don’t care to write.

So what can we do to boost our mood and get going again for our goals and resolutions? Here are some tips that i know of.

  • Workout!

You already know that exercise is the way to a better body, but it has terrific mood- and energy-boosting benefits as well. For instance, both aerobic exercise and weightlifting have been found to produce endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.

  • Eat!

Starting your day with a healthy and great breakfast with protein, complex carbs and fiber not only fuels your morning, it helps keep your blood sugar steady all day. Or if you couldn’t eat breakfast, eat a bowl of cereal+milk. You can also go out and eat your favourite food, either it’s steak or even a burrito it will boost your mood definitely and for the quickest mood booster? Chocolate!

  • Sleep

Getting not too much sleep can have a considerable influence on your mood and your ability to concentrate on the day. You can be both sensitive and anxious. Sleeping after you get into a bad mood is the immediate healing to your mood, but not your problem though.

I hope with these mood booster how-to can help us get back on track and yes, keep enjoying 2011! It will be a long, great year ahead!

Let’s rock 2011!


We are four days into 2011 already! Time flies, and before you know it, it can be the end of the month already. What to do? What have you start to do at this start of the new year?

Resolutions, resolutions. Most people won’t even give a try or make an effort to write one, yet most girls have one thing in mind. Lose more and more fat! Resolutions are just going to be a resolutions if you are just saying it out loud without putting any effort to your resolutions. To make it better, make it into goals. Use the SMART system.(specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely)

Try something new for at least 2 weeks! Studies suggest that new experience(s) tend to make us happier. So if you want to start this year with a lot more laughter and happiness try things that you’ve never done before. For example, eat at those out of town steak place, or eat the hottest chili in town.

Read more, write more, and then read more! People says that we are what we read, and how well we write depends on how much and how often we read. Life is a never ending learning process. So, why stop reading? And to that extent, why stop writing? You can start your own blog, or nowadays, you can tumblr it or posterous it.

My point is, 2011 is going to be a great year, so why spend your time being all gloomy and stressed out? Enjoy it and have some fun!