Financially Independent, Retire Early

IF there is 4 words that I like more than hearing I Love You, Joshua from my girlfriend is these words. Over the past few years, I realized that I don’t think I can survive going on multiple sprints in order to become “rich”. Rich is a very relative to each person’s limit but that’s why I didn’t like the race.

One of my inspiration in this world is Derek Sivers. He exited his company for $20+ million and instead of buying lambos and big mansions, he gave it all to a charity. He now live a very simple life and up to this year, he evaded any publicity, read a lot of books, and just have a minimalist life with his son.

I would like to think that I prefer that route too, while my friends around me always like to say: think of money you spent to socialize as an investment to get richer; I prefer to do the opposite and have set personal goals to decrease my burn every few months — to answer: How can I live with minimal cost? Can I survive with UMR?

Two reasons why I picked this route:

I’m in control: you can control what you buy/eat but not all the opportunities that you will have if you “invest” your money. If I can control myself by having less “wants” in life — I’m in control of the outcome that I need: to get to FIRE.

I’m not in control: in life, there are multiple incidents and accidents that can happen. Whether to yourself, to your family, to your loved ones. At the same time, to your business, or to the business that you’re working for. If you are spending substantial amount each month — depending on everything being okay — then you’re pretty much fucked if any of these went wrong.

What about you? Do you prefer to get rich/financially independent (stressing the OR here) by making more money or by spending less?

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