Creating My Life’s Work with God


At first, I was thinking the title should be creating my work life with God, but then I realized that life itself is a work, and I want to work with God.

I’ve been creating statements around my values and vision and also quantifying it into “Ten Thousands”  to complete these two — I would like to base all of this work/life in God’s name.

For the past year or so, I caught 3 values that I believe is important for me to hold on in order for me to be successful (success is relative but at least, for myself):

Wisdom: I want to be blessed and to have wisdom from God. By this, I mean every decisions that I make or every words that I spoke whether through a speech or a blog post, came from wisdom of God.

Self-control: It is as important to have self control (and fear of God) so that I don’t fall into sins (again). It would be stupid to be successful and then easily fall into the sins I do.

Love: As a human, we need and crave love, but despite receiving so much love — I haven’t been able to give more. I want to give more especially to people close to my heart: my family, and my soon to be wife.

In the years after I got baptized, I found myself kept repeating this wish year over year: “God, please mold/shape/make me into an evergrowing platform in where YOU can stand and when people see me, they can see YOUR power and miracle”

And indeed — I have grown. I have testified how His miracle overturn my life not just between my circles but also I got the chance from Him to share this even as far as Madrid.

Last but also the most important: I want the foundation of my platform to be my faith to Jesus. Without faith, all of this life work wouldn’t be possible. God, bless me with a strong and even stronger faith in You, and so I won’t dwell into darkness or sin. Amen.