Day Number 366


Apparently, all the hype about the world ending in 2012 is wrong which I predicted on my 2012 resolutions. Although I didn’t really achieve all of my resolutions, but I made a lot of improvement both in personal and my professional life. Well,  at least that’s what people told me. I gained 7 Kilograms, and held 3 conferences in a year. Wrote decent number of articles and covered some great startups especially Rovio. So below are the overview of what happened on my 2012 (some might think this is a tl;dr) – thank you for the new Twitter feature, this helps a lot for me to recall my memories!


January: (or another version of this month’s evaluation here)
– Spent the NYE at the cousin’s house together with the big family. Played PES 2012 until I hurt my thumbs, dad drunk-drive us back home.
– Starting the year with all expectations on #StartupLokal, East Ventures Alpha graduation, Penn Olson’s first conference.
– Finished my Minor Project (which was supposedly to prepare us for the thesis but in fact it was harder than thesis), got a sucky lecturer which gave the whole team a “C” mark.
– Held Jakarta Ventures Night 2012, met with tons of Japanese investors and counterparts. Overseen the East Ventures Alpha startups pitched to the crowd.
– Did a moderator job with Kevin Osmond, Aria Rajasa, William Tanuwijaya as the speaker.
– For the first time in my life, I rode a train to Purwokerto (also the first time) for the Telkomsel Smart Camp.
– Attended Boost Asia Conference 2012 (has great panel which include founding team of YouTube)
– Accepted to Stanford’s ASES conference.
– Celebrated CNY plus ended up watching the Super Sunday on the same day!
– Attended Blaast launching party.
– Had an invite-only interview with Peter Vesterbacka (CMO of Rovio), turned it into article, which got covered by @TechMeme – few people in Indonesia that able to do so.
– Attended Gamelan Jogjakarta for the first time
– First tech conference by Tech in Asia, StartupAsia Singapore. First time meeting the editors and minghao, and Amelia Chen!
– Met with the famous Serkan Toto for the first time! Still keeping in touch with him until now as my mentor

– Attended and covered Jakarta Founders Institute’s first batch graduation
– Helped the TIA guys settle in Jakarta, the prep for SUA Jakarta started!
Looked for sponsors for the Stanford trip, found them!
– Had to post a disclosure after posting about Apps Foundry bought MakeMac.
– Celebrated my sister’s birthday and Valentine’s Day!
– ATM is definitely one of the best Thailand’s romantic comedy!
– Jeremy Lin sensation
– For the first time, I was stuck inside an elevator.

– Covered GushCloud funding
– Attended CyberAgent Ventures’ Net Impact Conference
– Penn Olson rebranded to Tech in Asia
– Rejected for the US Visa
– SNSD released the “Time Machine” MV
– Announced Startup Asia Jakarta!
– Watched B2ST concert!
– The Raid was epic!
– Covered and attended Google Indonesia launch

– Covered Tokopedia’s Series B investment
– Koprol said last words, but the employees were quickly being approached by tons of companies.
– Attended my second Echelon’s Jakarta Satellite
– My official Rovio’s employee Angry Birds jacket arrived!
– Had a blast for my 20th birthday!
– Attended my first 4SQ Party with Minghao and Willis:
– Listened to Andrew’s and Ken’s story at Kaskus office:
– Went to Depok for the first time, saw Universitas Indonesia huge campus. Met with the local community too:
– Chelsea got into the FINALE of Champions League after beating Barcelona!
– Bought TTS album!

– Started the month with leaving my Blackberry inside a Bluebird taxi
– Attended grand launching of
– Met @fajaranugerah and Mark Wang of GEPI
– Attended the launching of Indonesia E-Commerce Association (idEA)
– Attended Qeon Interactive launching
– Attended Technopreneur Talk (featuring Lichi Wu from Millenial Media, Karaniya from VIVAnews)
– Met Evan Spytma of Popcap for the first time
– Fasting for 10 days for the Pentecost
– watched I AM (which was superb)
– Went to GamedevGathering at UMN
– Activated the “ticker” feature on @TechinAsia
– Covered Wego’s investment in Valadoo
– Prepping for SUA Jakarta

– Interviewed by @twitalkID!
– Featured on MNC News and Kompas TV talking about Startup Asia Jakarta
– Met more than a few Singapore startup founders for the iStart Jakarta program
– Met @csugiono, @enda, @valentmustamin, and tons more in Startup Asia Jakarta
Explained Startup Asia conference to Marissa Mayer (ex VP in Google, now Yahoo! CEO) in person
– EURO 2012!
– Got a picture taken while riding an Ojek by Elisha
– Met TouchTen team for the first time, ended up going nobar together, which was the reason we got this close today.
– Took a picture with the famous Vanessa Tan
– Visited TokoBagus office for the first time, got the office tour by @Remco_L
– Gossiping with @DeaSurjadi for the first time
– Bought Diablo 3

– Spain won Euro 2012 with Torres and Mata on the scoresheet.
– Olympics
– Carly Rae Japsen
– Interviewed by the Jakarta Globe:
– For the first time I left my Macbook charget at Starbucks PVJ, rode an ojek to get it in the middle of the night.
– Love them:
– Voted for my first Jakarta Governor election
– Covered PriceArea’s Series B funding by GREE and So-net
– Attended Steve Wozniak’s event in Jakarta!
– Announced Startup Asia BAndung:
– Watched The Dark Knight Rises!
– Went to my first wedding celebration outside Indonesia
– Partied hard at Zouk Singapore

– Start of the footballing season, my weekend is back!
– Changed my twitter handle from @oleeoebi to @jshkvn
– Love that First Media now has FML
– United lost, Arsenal drew, Tottenham drew, Liverpool lost. Only City and the Blues has gotten 3 pts. GREAT GREAT 1st week indeed!
– Covered WEEKEND Inc’s launch
– Hazard started superbly on this first few matches. 1 goal, 6 assists in 3 games!
– Announced our first TiA Six Cities Roadtrip!

– Helped out TouchTen team in the AFA (Anime Festival Award) – fun fun fun!
– Did TiaRoadTrip from Jakarta, Bandung, Depok, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Malang!
– My sister left for Taiwan for her undergraduate study
– Covered GREE’s second investment in Indonesia: Bukalapak
– Met Jokowi in a padang food restaurant.
– Officially bought SMTOWN SG ticket!
– Getting visa for the Australia trip!
– Went to the Monas for the first time in my whole 20 years living in Jakarta with Anton and Karin. Played and danced around for the Jak-Japan Matsuri event

– #StartupAsiaBdg (although I wasn’t able to attend it)
– Got Girls Generation to say Hi to Tech in Asia readers!
– Australian visa approved
– Grandpa left us forever. Rest in Peace, grandpa :)
– Officially ending my journey at TechinAsia
– United “won” against Chelsea 3-2. MOTM: Clattenburg
– @antonsoeharyo’s birthday celebration
– Ended the month helping TouchTen in the Jakarta Game Show 2012. Having fun with the rest of game developers like Altermyth, Mintsphire, Toge Productions, NightSpade, and Agate.

– Chelsea got the revenge against United just a few days after the 3-2 match
– Had a tons of fun at TarQ 2, playing Counter Strike and presenting some TouchTen games there!
– 007 Skyfall was entertaining
– #AUSTRIP to Sydney and Melbourne, best 10 days ever :D visited Opera House, Madame Tussaud, Sydney Tower, Bondi Beach and tons more. Pictures on my Facebook!
– Played together, hugging, biting, and pinching my half brother and sister :p
– Visited my first Apple Store
– Obama won the election 2012
– Rode almost all methods of transportation in Australia from planes, tram, train, to taxi.
– Pikarin Listiyanichu’s birthday
– First bowling match with dad
– Had my first wine-tasting trip
– Bought my first iOS phone: iPhone 5
– Joko Widodo won the Jakarta Governor election
– Attended a gala dinner with the Minister of Creative Industry: Ibu Mari Elka Pangestu, thanks to @yansenkamto
– #SMTOWNSG – totally worth it, helped me a bit to lower my craving for Taeyeon, drenched in rain for the last 30 minutes but it was all worth it.
– Mom opened her first physical store
– Went to KASKUS’ birthday celebration

– Finally had a LOTR marathon and watched The Hobbit
– Life of Pi was one of the best movie for 2012
– Got addicted to Clash of Clans and did my first in-app purchase
– Bought FM 2013 for PC and FMH 2013 for iPhone and iPad
– Spent the last 2 or 3 weeks of December listening/talking in Hangeul.
– Dancing Queen of SNSD was released, bought it on iTunes, and can’t stop watching the MV
– FIFA 2013 was hard but totally worth it
– Chelsea beat Aston Villa 8-0
– Lampard finished the curse of Everton by beating them 2-1 at Goodison Park

Pretty great 2012 huh? And this happened exactly after an equally great 2011 – I’m soooo excited for 2013, how about you?