Watching ‘Dark’ on Netflix has been making me think a lot about my own childhood and its impact on my adult life. I did have a beautiful and amazing childhood up until I was 9 or 10? I remembered going on a holiday almost every 6 months whether it’s to Malaysia or Singapore.

Then, it all sort of went downhill from there. My parents fought almost every other day, they eventually got divorced when I was in my first year in junior high (SMP). I grew up during my pre-teens until now with my dad and I guess it affected my relations with woman as well.

I remember in my high school years, my pocket money was only enough for one food and that’s it. Whenever I went to the mall with my friends, they would buy music albums, buy shirts in Giordano, and I was just there sitting with envy.

When you grew up always feeling “not enough” it created an ‘anger’ of trying to prove to everyone that I have it. I guess I was lucky that it turned into a positive fire inside of me to be successful. At the same time though, I’m a super egoistic person, as I always believed that I have to fend for myself and I created my own luck.

I don’t know if I would change anything in the past but it’s just interesting to see how our childhood really shaped us as a person.

Albus. Severus. Potter.


So I have watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, twice, the second time today. It was the best of the series, yes. But still, as an avid fans of Harry Potter, and a reader point of view, it was quite disappointing. Here is why:

  • Where is the BOOM? – When I knew that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was going to be separated into two parts, I was overjoyed because I’d get to watch the ‘full-of-magic-spells’ war in the second one. I was expecting World War type of battle, yes it seems to be with lots of people in both sides, but the actual war only got like 15 minutes or even less! I was expecting more BOOM here and there, but I was left disappointed.
  • Awkward Kisses – Hermione and Ron kissed after they got wet over the water blast from destroying the Horcrux. I was like “Really? An intimate kiss? Now?” – and again when Harry and Ginny kissed at the stairs.
  • Dumbledore Should Go To Hell – together with Voldemort. This is the perspective that the movie maker made for us to believe in. From what I read in the book, Yes, Dumbledore did all that for the better good, but he isn’t evil!
  • Fred and Bellatrix - both dead with an anti-climax, Fred was supposed to be fighting a great fight before he died, and oh, add Remus and Tonks to the list while we are at it. Bellatrix was also easily defeated.
  • Elder Wand – this is the most important part that was falsely made, at least from my point of view. Dumbledore did not die because of Snape or even Malfoy. He died because of the Horcrux Ring’s curse, Snape tried to help with his healing potion but it can only delay his death, when it is time for him to die, he told Snape to make it seems like Snape is the one killing him so Voldemort will think so as well. In the end, Voldemort wasn’t able to use the Elder Wand to its full strength and from what I read, Harry Potter did not break the Elder Wand into two and threw it away.
  • Length of the movie – this movie should be the climax, should be the one we will overjoy with after watching it, yet it failed to do so for the reader of the book. The length of the movie was about 120 minutes, the question is, why they are not making it longer and putting in more details?
  • Albus Severus Potter – he’s like Ashton Kutcher in his younger days isn’t he? and oh, Ginny looked soooo old, even older than Hermione! and someone also mentioned that “Harry Potter sons is both a programming language name – JSP and ASP”

All in all, the greatest series of all time(for me, at least) is finally over, it was a 14 years journey, with the first movie made in the previous decade(2001). J.K. Rowling has published a website Pottermore and a Twitter account @pottermore to satisfy our need for Potter craving in the future. Next up, Transformers?

So I have watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, twice, the second time today. These are my comment: