2012 Resolutions


With a great year as a foundation of this year, of course there’s gonna be expectations and wishes upon this year. One thing for sure, we’re gonna celebrate Christmas and New Year while laughing at the Mayans and John Cusack’s 2012. So here goes my 2012 resolutions:

Write more, Read more and then Write even more.

It hasn’t really going well, my blog that is. It logged only 10 posts over the 2011 and I’m quite confused why I didn’t write more while I experienced so much things! I guess it’s different when I’m writing for Penn Olson, there I have an objective and a specific topics to discuss about, but here, it’s too general and sometimes a blank sheet of paper a blank page of post made us a bit harder to start. To boost my posts here, I’m setting a goal for myself to post at least 3 times a week so next year when I’m making 2012, My Best Year Yet post I can see at least 160 posts here! As for my blogging gig I’m hoping for 75 posts per half of the year, so it’d make my post at the end of the year 230 posts over at Penn Olson! (P.S: Willis, if you’re reading, see my enthusiasm! :p).

Reading has been a way for me to write new vocabularies, adapt new style of writing, getting new point of views and definitely it improves my English as a whole. I read a variety of things from newspapers & magazines(regularly reading The Jakarta Globe and Glove Asia) – thanks to Times Bookstore, I’m able to read BusinessWeek, The Economist, TIME, Fortune, Forbes Asia, Forbes Indonesia for free! – and of course Books! In 2011, I’ve finally continued the Artemis Fowl series with Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception. Started The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo & Delivering Happiness as well! And there’s the Steve Jobs biography that I have bought that I haven’t read yet. Another resolution goes here: Read at least 10 books this year!

Be healthy physically and spiritually!

At the end of last year, my father, me and two of my younger sisters registered for a membership over at PIKFIT(at Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta). It was a health club membership that covers you to be able to swim, sauna, and pull some weight over at the fitness area. At the first few weeks we were there quite often, but as the year closes, laziness got to us and we barely came. This year, I want to be able to swim at least 3 times a week – each at least for 1KM.

Ever since I’m baptized (Joshua is the name I got from Him) going to the church isn’t something that my parents have to told me to do so. Church has became a place where, at least for 2 hours and a half, I feel relieved & blessed. A place where I don’t have to worry about anything but to praise Him and thanking Him for what a great life He has given us. Yet, at times, there’s something that can get in between my schedule to go to church. So, I’m promising Him that I’ll be coming to 52 services in 2012, if I didn’t come to the Sunday service then I have to come to either Tuesdays or Fridays.  It’s not an obligation or that I’m being forced but it’s my right to do so!

Getting even closer to graduation with great grades

2012 is going to be THE YEAR of my whole university years. I’m gonna defense my minor project(a bit easier than thesis but still.. 800 pages to defense) in a few days, and then on the first half of this year I will know the result(GPA) for the 5th and 6th semester, then after the summer holiday I’m gonna start working on my thesis. My resolution? Of course getting the maximum possible GPA(4.0) for both semester and acing my minor also my thesis. Expected graduation ceremony: June/July 2013. A year to go!

Eat, Pray, Love!

Like the movie we all knew of I wish this year I can eat more but it doesn’t mean eating a repetitive foods or just to make myself full but more of enjoying the food we ate and eating varieties of foods that I never ate before. Travelling has always been my favorite part of my childhood. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand,  and South Korea – Bali & Lombok has been graced by me but I spent more than 3-4 years on a travel hiatus because of financial turbulence experienced by my parents(and not to mention their divorce). Last year, I get to travel to Singapore and Manado. I hope this year I can travel to at least 3 countries(please oh please, Stanford, accept my application!) and 5 cities – saving up for South Korea is also my priority next year!.  Singapore is gonna be my second country, and even more so next year – Startup Asia is coming (if you’re doing start-up, register now!) Not the least part of this paragraph, is love, well for most parts of the year love has been out of the question but nevertheless as a young adult I get to think of it. Here’s to 2012, I hope to fall in love yet again :-)

Personal projects, start-up, community

Being around and about in start-up community(s) has an effect that will definitely get to you. It’s the urge to start something, to realize your ideas and actually taking the first step into the cold hard damned world of entrepreneurship(yes, it’s hard and lonely path – contrary to the belief). Yes, of course, I have lots of ideas, who doesn’t? It’s cheap and worth absolutely nothing unless I do something about it. This year, if opportunity arises, I will take that first step not only in realizing my ideas about start-up but also starting/helping to start a community to help educate and instill the entrepreneurship culture into the now and future generation. Amen!

To close this post, a verse that I got from my church to guide me this year: Galatians 6:9

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Happy New Year 2012, may we have an even greater year, and fulfill our potentials and to chase our passion!

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