Watching ‘Dark’ on Netflix has been making me think a lot about my own childhood and its impact on my adult life. I did have a beautiful and amazing childhood up until I was 9 or 10? I remembered going on a holiday almost every 6 months whether it’s to Malaysia or Singapore.

Then, it all sort of went downhill from there. My parents fought almost every other day, they eventually got divorced when I was in my first year in junior high (SMP). I grew up during my pre-teens until now with my dad and I guess it affected my relations with woman as well.

I remember in my high school years, my pocket money was only enough for one food and that’s it. Whenever I went to the mall with my friends, they would buy music albums, buy shirts in Giordano, and I was just there sitting with envy.

When you grew up always feeling “not enough” it created an ‘anger’ of trying to prove to everyone that I have it. I guess I was lucky that it turned into a positive fire inside of me to be successful. At the same time though, I’m a super egoistic person, as I always believed that I have to fend for myself and I created my own luck.

I don’t know if I would change anything in the past but it’s just interesting to see how our childhood really shaped us as a person.

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