I find it hard to consistently churning out blog posts even if it’s just at a 100 words length or two paragraph length on a regular basis. I realized it might be me expecting some kind of ‘reward’ – such as comments or tweets, validating that someone read my posts.

I used to write more often for Tech in Asia, obviously for the money as a reward. I also have managed to switch my lifestyle almost dramatically this year, I never hold my hand up if anyone asked “Are you a morning person?” — yet I’ve been waking up at 6-6.30, slept at 10pm, and did a morning walk to clear my mind and focus on what I’m gonna do that day.

I have also managed to do intermittent fasting on weekdays, and I feel the reason I have managed to do it more consistent than writing is that I feel the effect right away. My sleep quality and my effort to fall to sleep increased by far.

I’m trying to push myself to do more personal posts but also launching a professional blog regarding SaaS/subscription soon enough. Hopefully with my career on the line, that can push me a bit further. Here’s to another awesome week!

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