Ending January


Wow, 2 weeks went by just like that and we are at the end of January already. I felt the past 2 weeks just flew by and I didn’t do much, or as much as I would have wanted to. My weekends are not productive at all and I didn’t read at all for the past 2 weeks.

3 positive things though that happened in this January:

1) Got another chance to visit Australia this year, but gonna go there to learn this time around. Sponsored by Australian government to learn more about startups for 2 weeks. Another traveling opportunity: got invited to speak in Madrid on September!

2) After covered by the magazine Gatra, I got covered, quite literally, by Kontan. Despite we are still far away from Halloween, we are tasked into wearing superheroes suits, I picked Batman because I look slimmer vs the other costumes.

3) Crypto is a win. I’m bullish on crypto and blockchain generally. Despite not trading (I’m hodling on ETH, XLM, XRP), doing arbitrage has been profitable especially the first 2 weeks of January. (Kimchi Premium)

I didn’t skip any Sunday sermons too so that’s another positive thing. Blessings that I have got this month, I believe, contributes directly from me following tithing. Thank You God for your blessing(s).

Here’s hoping for an even better February! (Month of money and love!)

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