Exercise COVID


Drenching in sweat and can’t wait to shower and eat dinner definitely was the feeling I miss when I was able to go to the gym and properly exercise. Post COVID, people switch into HIIT or watching home exercise videos and follow them.

Unfortunately for me, I’ve never been a fan of exercising at home. I still remember getting Xbox and Kinect just to exercise using it, didn’t last few months. I also tried subscribing into an exercise app, same thing.

Post COVID, I actually found a substitute: walking. I know it doesn’t burn as many calories as you’d in the gym but I’ve been averaging 7-8k steps per day and compared to my weight 6 months ago I went from 74kg (because of my trips to Korea) to 65kg (It can go as low as 64 on a Monday morning pre-breakfast)

Walking also allows me to consume tons of podcasts, with 2x speed, I can consume 2 hours worth of podcast in 1 hour walk. Despite most of content talked about COVID or post COVID, I’ve also listened to things like macro economics, interviews with very smart entrepreneurs.

I’m adapting and I’m liking it so far but I’d definitely go back to the gym sometime next year.

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