Remote Ready Organization


Working remote seems to not only gained momentum but became mainstream nowadays yet not because we want to but because we have to. Back when I was running Talenta, I would never feel that we could go remote wholly as an organization. Yes, of course, for the product team especially developers we always have flexible hours, even we’d allow occasional remote working. For business team? I didn’t think so, and up until Q1 2020, I don’t think I ever will.

COVID19 changed everything because it forced all businesses to go remote or else. In this experience that I realized as I went through it in the organization that I’m working for and comparing it with my circle whether it’s my founders friend or brick and mortar business like my dad’s — it is important to be ready. I’m quite privileged to be part of an organization that pride itself on independence and as we entered 5th month of remote — I didn’t see a drop in productivity, in fact, I’m seeing people working extra because we’re in the war season.

COVID19 made me realize that organizations need to be, not only remote ready, but always ready for change. No matter how drastic.

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