Hey January


A great, hectic, busy but still great first month of the great year ahead. Summing up what happened over the past month:

  • Celebrated the New Year together with my family at my uncle’s house around Ancol area so the fireworks are really close and pretty because we did climb up to the rooftop. (Don’t do this at home, except if you actually have one that you can comfortably came up to)
  • Minor project defended. Lecturer fucked us up. Got C as a result of weeks of all-nighter. FML, right? That is one of the reason I don’t really care much about grades anymore.
  • Held the third Jakarta Ventures Night which is JVN 2012. Had some fun as we hosted 30-40 Japanese investors, entrepreneurs and delegates from a total of 100+ invite-only guests. Hired Police Riders to open the road for the bus to go through which was a great experience for them. Over 10+ start-ups pitched and held the East Ventures Alpha graduation day as well here.
  • Went to Purwokerto for the first time as part of the Telkomsel Smart Camp for TSC – spoke in front of 300 high school students and most of them were questioning how can I worked for two companies in Singapore while still studying. Answered with “Do 200% of great work, and people will pay attention to you. Money follows great work, always.”
  • Attended Boost Conference (Jan 17th-18th) which have founding team of YouTube and Kiva on stage. As well some big names such as Aki Sano (Founder of CookPad – IPOed in Japan), Ariawan (Co-Founder of FlutterScape), Jameson Hsu(Co-Founder Mochi Media) and more. Props to Ryu Kawano and the organizing team for this first event by them.
  • Came to Jogjakarta for the first time for Gamelan4th meetup. It was an eye-opening experience as I met some great game developers that is still very raw and saw so much potential. Presented East Ventures Alpha second batch program as well there.  Ate Gudeg, but unfortunately didn’t get to Candi Borobudur/Candi Prambanan. Oh yeah, it was also my first time going outside the city through the 3rd Terminal of Soekarno-Hatta.
  • Had such a great Finnish to the month(pun intended) as I attended launch of Blaast, Nokia Asha and had a private lunch with the Rovio CMO – Peter Vesterbacka himself which resulted the best scoop/post on my whole career as a tech blogger.
  • Flown to Singapore for Startup Asia Singapore 2012!

Although I missed a service in January, and the blog isn’t updated as much as I wanted to, but I think I have shown some improvement. Hopefully I will have an even more lovely February!

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