Ignorance is Bliss


This post will sound like a humble brag or even plain bragging so please skip if you might get offended.

The more you know, the more you have the potential to suffer. What this means is that as you have more education, you know that there are potential out there. As you get more informations, you know that there’s a chance of success out there that you can make.

On the other side, it can be something more personal indulgence. Like, if you’ve been eating street side food and suddenly you get a chance to enjoy a steak. Now, you’ll start to compare and miss eating those tender meat.

If you’ve been staying at budget hotels and you got a chance to enjoy a stay at 5 star hotel, now the stay at budget hotels feels so ‘painful’ and ‘suffocating’

If you’ve been riding economy/coach and doesn’t even dream to ride in a business class, and yes — you get it — found a way to fly in business class. Suddenly flying economy feels so excruciating especially for long haul.

This is why ignorance (not knowing) is bliss and at the same time, crazy how humans can adapt to luxury that fast.

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