Inspired and Motivated by Him


Went to church today and what a really great service I had. Today, the main point is about how we look at God as our inspiration and motivation and vice versa, how God see us as His inspiration and motivation. We might think it’s easier being the former than the latter, but as we getting closer to Him, being both is as hard and as easy.

First, looking at God for our inspiration and motivation. My minister took bird as his example how it inspired us to make us fly, and motivated us to actually make something that can make us fly. Yes, we should thank the bird because the planes are flying thousands of us every day. He also said that from our inspiration we actually turn it into something even better than the original idea. How about God? We should look into Him as our inspiration to do great things and positive things every day. God’s love is everlasting, it’s about how close we are to Him to actually feel that. The closer you are the more you’re going to get to feel His warmth.

God looking at us as His inspiration and motivation, it might seem impossible. We were just a mere mortal, you said. Yes, but we are His creation, God actually do great things in our life because inspired of compassion and how we kept thriving and struggling beside Him. If you actually knew Him, worship Him and admit that He is your savior then He will be inspired to help you in your problems and make you feel safe and secure.

God bless you all!

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