The Year of Water Dragon


I think it can be the best Monday, or at least, one of the best Monday in 2012. Is there any better way to start your week with going to your relatives’ home, eating best homemade foods(pork ftw!), seeing and chatting with your uncles, aunties and the best thing is? Collecting red envelopes!

This year has definitely a different feeling from the previous years, the family is starting to shrink because of my grandmother’s death and then there are few families living abroad now so it’s not as big as it used to be when I’m in childhood. What struck me is that I have a cousin who diagnosed with cancer and his mother got hit by a stroke just few weeks ago. I felt really sad and like, being super thankful that God has always protect my parents and my sisters.

The Year of Water Dragon. Dragon always being symbolized as power and wealth. The baby boom in China. I think, even though I wrote 2011 is my best year yet, I can safely say this year is gonna be a prosperous, healthy and wealthy one. Even this month, is already a hectic one and if you compare it to last year, my activities are totally different. I felt like I’m living my passion and chasing my dream right now. I sure hope that you are too! Happy Chinese New Year!

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