You Got More in You


Imagine that you are ‘THE FIELD’ where God sow the seed and there are several parables in the bible where two important things happen:

One, if you really believe and accept Jesus, your field (potential) will grow and bear fruits (results) 30, 60, even 100x

Two, there will also be weeds among the wheat, where the weeds can be the stress, the cap to our potential, also the potential destroyer of our harvest, but God has said on the bible: let it be, because at the end, they will cut those weeds, and throw it into fire.

I’ve always reminded myself that I want my life to be “the platform” or in this case “the field” where God can sow his seeds and the world can see the fruits. Yet, over the past 1-2 years, thoughts like “maybe I’ve reached the top, or the end of my potential” “maybe I won’t be able to experience such growth anymore because I’ve went through one”

Today, I got a proper telling by God that God has “unlimited resources” (Ephesians 3:16-20) and He has infinite potential to make you even better than what you can ever wished for

So, yes, you got more in you!

Based on Hillsong Church online sermon 5th July 2020 by Brian Houston

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