Being Young


Having a Korean as a girlfriend, we talk a lot about age as Korea has a very Confucian culture where even one year of age differences matter. Starting my career at 19 with Tech in Asia and also with East Ventures, I have heard a lot of

“Wow, you’re so young!”

“At your age, I’m still like playing games and shit”

“I envy your age!”

Which I of course taken it as a compliment and pushes me even more to do and learn greater things as you are not young forever. This hits me (gradually) harder as I get older. I’m hitting 26 this year, just 4 more years before the big 3.

Although I did win Forbes Asia 30 under 30, or I was mentioned by Tech in Asia as “5 Very Young Entrepreneur in Asia to Watch”¬†and recently was also featured at Gatra Magazine in Indonesia as “Tech disruptor millennials”

It didn’t effect the fact that I’m getting older. I realize that I won’t be able to make so much mistakes anymore, I learned that I wasn’t as enthusiastic or positive as I used to be, with experience comes cynicism.

Being young does have its positives, but in my industry, not so much. People tend to underestimate Talenta, definitely earlier in our startup years, just because I don’t have 10 years at BCG or McKinsey or I didn’t graduate from any top schools in the US. Yet as we progresses, age is becoming more irrelevant.

Nowadays, in tech, that is becoming more and more true, people are getting bigger success at younger age. I recently got in a meeting and pitched Talenta and our achievements so far with a Korean PE manager, who asked me:

“How old are you?

“25, I’m born in 1992″


“Umm, sorry?”

“Being young is so beautiful”

I couldn’t agree more, especially as I leave this state but hopefully not its mindset/soul.

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