Birthday Wishes


I know, I know, it sounds stupid to make a birthday wishes like almost two weeks before it actually happens. But since it’s my blog anyway, I will post some wishlist so that if God reads my blog (He doesn’t need to, though) He can fulfill all of my wishes.

  • Startup Asia Jakarta 2012 planning, sponsorship, speakers, everything is closed in a timely manner and works out perfectly!
  • Break more stories, read more books, and meet more interesting people
  • Talking about books, I’d love to get my hands on – Thinking Fast and Slow, The Power of Habit, The Undercover Economist, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Jim Collins’ books, Seth Godin’s books, Jason Fried’s Rework, Guy Kawasaki’s book except Enchantment, Douglas Edward’s I’m feeling Lucky, Richard Branson’s books.
  • I know it sounds like a lot of book, oh well, might as well requesting a Kindle!
  • Xbox 360+ Kinect
  • The all new Macbook Air 15″ and iPhone 5, perhaps also the new iPad (going all out on Apple this year….)
  • Chelsea to win Champions League and FA Cup (I know people will diss me for this)
  • Travel more, I mean really, I want to save up to travel more. Hopefully will be able to go to Seoul, Tokyo and Europe before my next birthday. (well, this is a wishlist)
  • Hundreds of more posts for TechinAsia
  • More contributions for East Ventures
  • Make a real positive change/contribution for the whole tech scene in Indonesia
  • Be more matured, professional and do 200%
  • Make my family, especially my parents, proud of me

I’ll get back to this once I have something real good to update!

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