March Madness


A mix between a new low of my life (or not) and some happiness spread here and there, hopefully will lead into a better month in April.

  • Covered how GushCloud raised funding and they have an office in San Fransisco now!
  • Penn Olson have officially rebranded – a lot have asked why we (or Willis) took that risk, it’s simply for the long term sake, although I love the old name but I couldn’t agree more since a lot of people phrase Penn Olson as either Penn Olsen or Penn Olsson. (sounds like a Swedish name or something)
  • Attended CyberAgent Ventures Net Impact 2012 and covered it (had fun too)
  • Announced Startup Asia Jakarta 2012 (finally!) and closed some speakers, translated the pages to Bahasa Indonesia too!
  • Rejected, twice, for my US Visa Application. Wish I could blame all of it to the bureaucrazy of the United States Embassy, but no, maybe I was underestimating the whole process.
  • Chelsea became the only team left in the Champions League after winning 4-2 against Napoli and had a great away win against Benfica, plus TORRES is BACK!
  • Watched B2ST Beautiful Show concert in Jakarta, surprisingly had a great time with several friends and ended up with 1GB (10+minutes of 720p video) fancam.
  • Celebrated my 1st year at TechinAsia. Crazy how time flew, and really happy and thankful that I’m able to get this opportunity.
  • To top the madness up, Google launched its Indonesia office (although we don’t know where yet)!


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