Christianity is about Jesus’ love for us, not the other way around. I learned this deeply when I listened to Joseph Prince’ sermon in Hillsong Conference 2017. He showed how He loved John so much vs how Peter kept trying to show his love for Jesus.

This serves as a reminder for us because:

  • We are sinners = if we kept showing that we are sinless and showing people that we are Christians by donating or doing good in the name of Jesus – one day people might caught us while we do a simple sin – and people might think that Oh, why Christians sin or do that mistake?
  • We need to show and witness how Jesus love us more than showing people how we love Jesus. I looked back when I got baptized in 2009 and I got the name Joshua and I’ve never looked back. Every single year is always better than the one before.
  • When I rely on my strength to show people I love Him, I get weary, because I am human. Jesus never ever got tired and He will always show that His plan is the best plan.


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