Disclosure: I’m not an expert in health or in COVID19, take below information with caution and please research deeply before making your own decision/thought. Below are simply my own personal thought and serve as a personal reminder.

We are around 20 to 21 weeks in since the first impact of COVID in Jakarta and we are definitely not slowing down any time soon. I just feel tweeting about this can’t fit in 140 characters so here goes:

  • Testing: we are nowhere near enough, despite Jakarta governor saying that we are fulfilling WHO demand. This created an illusion as if COVID isn’t growing as fast as in the US or EU. If we are testing 100k people a day, then we can compare.
  • Mask: Despite all the campaigns and also the decreasing of prices of disposable mask and creating of reusable mask — wearing mask is not 100% yet in the streets. People are still wearing it half heartedly just covering mouth, or even wearing it on their neck
  • Health facilities: Jakarta, or in this case, Indonesia – doesn’t have nearly enough beds or ICU if this gets to US or even India level of daily cases

Prediction on 6-12 months ahead?

  • New Normal is going to be the normal We will have to live with COVID and face that fact. Mask and the limitations of people in a small space is going to be the default.
  • Vaccine is going to come, but I personally won’t get it until at least a year after it’s commercially available. I’m more afraid of the side effect vs actually contracting COVID.


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