Pension Funds


I live in a region and in a country where we skew towards young demographic. With that reason, conversations around dinner table or lunch break are rarely about how or when are you going to retire.

If we see the West, whether US or EU, they have a huge pool of retirement funds which are also being invested in innovations through VCs.A little bit out of topic but despite SEA is still in an early phase of tech startups, it would be even better if we have more pension funds invest in startups indirectly rather than only family offices or conglomerates.

In Singapore, (please CMIIW) CPF is 30% of salary this helps you to not only save for your retirement but also to buy your government subsidized apartment. Pooled fund is also invested in a very transparent way if you see Temasek and VC funds created by them.

While in Indonesia, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan only requires 1% from the employee and 2% from employer to cover this. This is definitely far from enough. Which is going to prolong sandwich generation where people only rely on their kids to live after they retire.


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