Realizing that as generations change, the urge or the capability or both to own is getting lesser and lesser. Typically because the parents or the older generation have fulfilled their basic needs such as having a home or a car.

Nowadays ownership is really an option with all the on-demand and subscription services:

  • You don’t need a car/motorcycle because there’s Uber – or in SEA: Grab/Gojek
  • You don’t need to buy a house because there’s Airbnb/Travelio/name your co-living in Indonesia
  • You don’t need to rent expensive office – you can co-work
  • You don’t need to buy videos or movies, you can Netflix
  • You don’t need to buy shirts, there is Styletheory

I won’t be surprised if there’s a lifestyle subscription service that let you pay an amount monthly, and you’ll get to pick latest macbook, iPhone, with Netflix, spotify, included. Same goes with housing or fashion or food.

This is good, because we are producing more than what we can consume now and we need to consume less and instead try to share more?

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